Who am I ?

My name is Guy and I am a Tantra therapist, Male Tantra, Tantra for men.

I have always had the desire to touch people, and 15 years ago I did it, I left the high-tech world to a world of touch.


I conduct Tantra sessions for men, singles and couples.

Tantra is a connection of all the experiences and pleasure in the world.

  • Tantra is touching yourself,
  • Tantra is touching people,
  • Tantra is intimacy,
  • Tantra is passion
  • Tantra is love.

My gift to you is my Tantra

My Tantra will teach you:

  • To feel loving touch like angel’s touch
  • To feel your breath
  • To experience the world with closed eyes
  • To feel like the most sexiest men in the world

Why Tantra for Men?

Because only a man knows how to touch another man – the power of two men together.

This is my Tantra.